Julien Vollé

Julien Vollé

Developer PHP/Symfony

Business & Development Engineer

In office since 2009, year of obtaining a master in « Products and Multimedia Services », I rely on nearly 10 years of experience in digital agency within the group « Serviceplan France ». Initially web integrator and Flash developer at « MetaMedia », I evolved as a full-stack developer on various web, mobile and audiovisual projects at « StartMeUp ».

For several years, I had to recruit, train and mentor a team of front-end and back-end developers, while assuming the CTO role of the agency. In 2016, we moved closer to the « PlanNet France » teams, where I continued to evolve on ever larger and more interesting projects.

At the end of 2018, I undertook a long training on the Symfony framework. This allowed me to join the company « Conserto » in early 2019 as « Tech Lead PHP/Symfony » and to work as a consultant for « SensioLabs » customers.

In 2021, I joined Conserto's team of experts « Explorers » in order to share my knowledge, my discoveries and bring my technical expertise to internal projects or technical qualifications during the recruitment process.

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